Apotheca Beadery

Earring collection

Earring Type
hibiscus flower $2.00 USD
yellow dreamcatcher $2.00 USD
shell stud $2.00 USD
ball stud $1.00 USD
dented spiked stud $1.00 USD
Dented Stud color

Hibiscus Flower Earrings

Dreamcatcher Earrings

Shell studs

Ball Studs

Silver dent Studs

Black dent Studs

Grey dent Studs

Pink Drops

More where that came from. Will dedicate a page to these as I have for my other items. For quick view, it is best to go to the pages instead of the archives on this site, since I have indexed the items, but will add links to click into the pages themselves for convenience.


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