Apotheca Beadery

Why I’ve started a business

I had taken to much deep thought on whether or not I should begin a series of writings in order that I may explain the meaning and purpose of my craft. At first, I thought perhaps many did not want to hear my chatter–perhaps finding it meaningless, but I understand that some of my audience does love reading, and so I will hence begin to explain.

My company did not just spring forth from nowhere–rather, I have seen much of crisis in others, here where I am and abroad. I know quite a few families across the globe and they have shared with me their lives and their woes. I, too, have gone through my series of crises, many family related; poverty and differences in philosophy can affect the familial structure quite dramatically and it can leave one in a direly saddened state, both in the physical realm and in the emotional one. 

There came a time in one of these episodes, I became very empathic and I felt the world’s pain as well as the pains in my immediate world. That pain rose forth in a river of exploding passion and that is when I had decided that I would do all I could to defend others and defend the planet, even if I made beads till my fingers fell off. I thought that through a small deed, I could make a big impact and encourage others to do the same. 

When you look at something, at first it does not appear in all it’s glorious splendor. There are hidden facets to an object. When you engage in Samadhi, you are looking at all the facets of that object in it’s entirety all at once. It brings a joy from within your heart and you want to bestow that joy in others. Like a child, you want to say “Look!” Look at all the beauty in that timeless moment, that is-ness in that object, you’re a walking mirror and the light in that object reflects from you to it, like a prism. I am not an occultist any longer, but this is something I can relate to because I can see it in objects and even in people. It’s such a beautiful thing and to be able to do that in a bead and be able to help the ailing planet and it’s ailing people is a joy that I wish to accomplish and to spread that joy in a burstful epiphany that will carry forth for a very long time after my mortal coil is cut. This is the mission of ApothecaBeadery and The Queen Bead. 

With paper, with stones, from anything, rudimentary, seemingly ordinary, into it’s glorified facets that peel back the veil that blinds the mundane eye, and gives a glimpse into what is eternity, and the beauty and the majesty of that unspoken thing that is and forever will persist, even when we are all vapor, and we have absorbed back into it.

I hope to elaborate further in future writings. Thank you for reading.


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