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Why I Prefer to Recycle

I had a friend constantly counteract me on this: why do I recycle? I don’t mean recycling the way everyone else thinks of recycling–no nothing of the sort. I even had one guy tell me at university: “who’s gonna buy that?” Many times if you don’t even mention the fact that something is repurposed, people will naturally like it without even a thought. But the moment you mention “Recycled” they either get grossed out or give you the zombie face. I see it like this: if one fails to open their eyes to look around them (because many of us take so many things for granted in our everyday life) and see that they are literally living in GARBAGE (because they are, believe me) instead of being an output system of garbage and just rehashing trash into the street, because reusing in that manner is not really recycling–here’s a new meaning: recycling means that you make something to KEEP, not “Oh I’m going to make this Poland spring bottle into a plant pot”Β  and then just throw away the pot with the plant when the plant dies (because that does happen more often than not) I always point at the elephant in the room. You reuse the thing and then throw it away after it’s second life. Like why in hell?! (Insert Jackie Chan face here) Sorry Charlie not on my watch it ain’t working THAT way, because that my friend is hypocrisy, and that is a proverbial spitting right in earth’s face. Do you crap where you eat too? I don’t think so, so why do that to the planet (and I know tough love—but sometimes tough love is necessary)

Anyway, I’m sure to dump a bunch of figures here, but lately I don’t even believe in the EPA simply because, their philosophy is highly flawed, and two, they’ve been known from dumping toxic crap into rivers (I’m dating myself) but, then, why would I be a hypocrite and post their “findings” when I can shoot a video of my neighborhood and that would be more accurate than a silly pie chart. Time to wake up and smell the coffee folks—or perhaps plant your own—plant some hemp right alongside it while you’re at it.

I slay me sometimes…but new PAPER (with wire) collections coming for the holidays. AND they are quite wearable.





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