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Buy local, Love your Neighbor

Made this one last night…

I hit an all time low. I literally broke down crying, not because I’m mentally ill, no, because I am sad for all the people who are going through bad stuff, who loses their houses and who has nothing to eat. I am sad at how people turn a blind eye and wants to give to “charity” but that is all to make yourself not feel guilty. Help a friend, open a shop with a friend, give to a friend, or someone you know is in trouble. That is what the holidays are about. Because it REMINDS us of how much we really do have and that we have to love our neighbor. Words are nice, but talk is cheap. ACTION is better. I been poor, I been homeless (in New York!) I had to eat out of garbage cans because my mom disowned me for standing up for my sister, she was about to be raped, I saved her life. I got the bastard arrested. My mom sympathized with the abuser. I can only imagine the terror others have gone through. That’s why I made my shop. WE NEED TO START AT HOME!!! How can we help others if we do not start in our own communities?! Right now I live where they sell expired meat because it is a poor neoghborhood, they think we have no power to fight them. And I’m not talking about going to some shitty councilperson either because they are all PAID. I’m sick and tired of seeing my friends suffer. I’m ready to fight for what I believe in and you’re either on the boat or you’re not. But don’t come around flashing your shit in my face cuz ima have NO hairs on my tongue. I believe in people and I believe in kindness, because IT EXISTS IN ME!!! and as long as I draw breath, I know that goodness exists in this world, until I withdraw my consciousness from it.

My hometown. Help be the change you want to see in the world.

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