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Bead of the Day: Lodolite

Since gemstones seem to be so popular nowadays (much to my irritation, lol) I figure I’d school y’all on some cool ones, so you can leave here learning something new, and maybe fun lol.
I’m not much into occult meanings, but I’ve seen some pretty cool lodolites in my lifetime, from teardrop shaped to round. Sometimes it is referred to as phantom stone. I seen some that look like they have plants in them. They mystify me. I posted a link to an article giving its esoteric meaning. I happen to have several lodolite beads in my collection, that I have yet to use in jewelry. The plant looking thingys in the stone are actually called inclusions. I still like to think of them as plants, trapped in a frozen drop of water. Like a tiny fish tank. ^_^
Lodolite is also known as Inclusion Quartz and is in the quartz family. ( I don’t think the same quartz that is in watch faces?)
Lodolite has different color inclusions that cane come from the interference of Feldspar (which I love, once during a class trip with my Earth Science class in 8th grade, we went to a real mine and I saw feldspar, and UV banded rocks) and other minerals and materials.
I hope you learned something today!
Feel free to post your thoughts, or a bead or bead type that you favor and a bit of info about it! ^_^
Happy Beading! xoxo

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