Apotheca Beadery

About the Beadery

I am a one woman shop, single mother of two, and two cats of course. I have been making jewelry (mostly paper beads) for about four years, due to a series of mid-life crises that seem to come and go in waves. I purely make unusual types of pieces because that’s my style, but I do my best works in the custom arena, where I make another person’s vision come to life. I currently have an instagram: http://www.instagram.com/apotheca.beadery

Apotheca is Latin (dead language, I am aware) for repository, or warehouse. The rest is self explanatory. I basically make beads.

I may also be reached at monadsamadhi@gmail.com or rosannaramos912@gmail.com


Policy and Procedure

While I do not accept refunds, being that I put an incredible amount of labor into my work, Damages reported upon 24 hours of receipt, or loss reported within 24 hours will receive store credit towards another purchase of equal value and I will send forth that item at sellers shipping expense. Hope this helps!

Thanks and Best.